Fractures and Freak Outs

I have the smallest fracture in the world on my ankle. I found out 2 weeks ago in the evening while I was having a meltdown about a scrapbook I was making. Which is why I do not craft. That and my inability to cut in a straight line.

Me and Crafts..
Me and Crafts..

After crying uncontrollably alone in my apartment while KC ran out to Michael’s craft store to get me supplies, I realized it was not the scrapbook that was upsetting me nor the pain of my ankle. It was fear. ugly cry

What would happen if I stop running? Will I gain weight instantaneously? Will I not be able to run the 5K in November? Will I lose all the speed I gained? What if my ankle never fully heals and I can’t run anymore?

How is this irrational?
How is this irrational?

My work wife came over with a box of wine and all kinds of craft supplies that were foreign to me. She medicated me with some Pinot Noir and made my scrapbook pages fit into their sleeves without incident.

wine makes everything better

I spent the rest of the weekend feeling bad for myself and eating.


Last week I  attempted to get back on track and even went to the gym and got in 2 great strength training sessions that I am still feeling sore from.

This week, I am working to get my eating back under control and even figured out how to retrieve my password for my fitness pal. I don’t think their calorie recommendations are enough… but maybe I am a little out of touch with how much I should be eating?

well rounded

I am also continuing with the gym this week. I went to Les Mills CX Worx which is a core strengthening class and then did an abbreviated strength training session.


I cannot give into my fear that an injury will automatically equal weight gain! I will not be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rather than melting down and  giving into a binge I need to adapt and figure out a new routine that works!


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3 responses to “Fractures and Freak Outs

  1. You can make it work! A healthy lifestyle is 80% diet and 20% exercise … according to Pinterest pins, lol. 😉 What is your MFP username? We can be friends! I am Annsley423. I find that it is pretty good about offering a correct calorie intake but you have to check what you have selected for your goal (losing 2 lb a week, 1 lb a week or maintenance offers different calorie goals.) And you can always eat back calories you burn when working out. I love MFP and have used it on and off for 3 years with great success. You got this!

    1. Haha! Yes, I always read that abs are made in the kitchen, but so are burritos and brownies which is why I do not have abs 😉 I think my username is MJConnelly586 but I will try and figure out how to add you! I have it as 1 lb a week and it only has me eating 1,450 calories which seems like nada! Thanks for the vote of confidence! No MFP on Friday though!!

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