First run in a month?!

If you were to see me walking down  the street, your first thought would not be, “Wow, there goes an avid runner.” It may have something to do with the chalupa in one hand the coffee in the other. But, one can never be sure of these things.

i got time

I am an avid runner. I love running. Running relieves my stress, gives me energy, makes me feel more confident and most importantly– it allows me to eat an excess of calories without messing with my BMI. Running is my favorite.

with wine after of course
with wine after of course


After fracturing my ankle on October 13th (not that I was keeping track or anything).  I was instructed by 2 doctors to take 4 weeks off from running and to minimize  my walking. Dafuq? Do they know me? Do they know my day job? How stressed I am? Do they know I am getting married in a year and need to fit into an off the rack dress? Most importantly, do they know that I must consume 3 square meals a day and 2 snacks mini meals?

well rounded

I was really worried I would gain a lot of Lbs and inches without running. I was worried that this injury would be the precipitating event in a big backslide.

rip diet

I am proud to report it was not! Not only did I not gain any weight or inches, but I actually LOST some of both. I focused much more on strength training and  upped my weights for dead lifts, bench presses, chest presses, lateral pull down, rowing and more! I used an exercise bike for the first time… ever? I went on more walks with my puppy.

ron burgandy

Most importantly, I took a close look at my eating habits and made some changes. I started to really pay attention to hydration. Was I hungry? Or was I actually dehydrated from just having coffee all morning? When I was hungry, I made more mindful eating decisions. Having a salad first before moving on to my entree. I eliminated some unnecessary carbs from my diet. Why have a wrap when the salad it just as good?

saving carbs for wine

I will always love food. I will NEVER give up a certain group or type of food, but limiting them, well that is just healthy.

diet plan

And, sometimes I am going to make really, really terrible eating decisions, like this weekend when I ate a whole small pizza to my face and had to pretend like I was too full for dessert. And you know what? That’s okay too.Moderation is something that I am still learning. … Life is too short to always be healthy. Why the hell am I working out all the time if I can’t eat a friggin pizza?

heavy breathing cat

So, this morning 4 weeks and one day after  the injury, I went on a run. My first mile was just about 10 minutes, the second mile was over 10 min and 30 sec and the final mile was 10 min and 20 sec. My time was similar to where I was in March which was disheartening. BUT, I was able to run 3 miles without stopping after taking a month off from running. That was incredibly comforting. I know I can get my splits back to where they were!

running makes you hot


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