Day 1 Refresh Recap

Well, I fell asleep before 9PM last night and woke up at 6 AM. Even for my early bird ass, that is QUITE early. 900 calories does not give you a whole lot of energy, to ya know, be awake. And I really miss coffee. Like a lot.

valid concern for the next 3 days...
valid concern for the next 3 days…

Yesterday my AM smoothie was delicious. It was one packet of shakeology, 12 strawberries, water and ice. It kept me full until lunch time. The fiber sweep drink which I consumed right around lunch time was horrendous. I seriously suggest taking it down like a shot of tequila. You can have a lemon chaser on this diet. My half an apple and vanilla fresh shake were okay for lunch. I added the powder into a regular water bottle and will  not be making that mistake again. You really need a blender or a blender bottle as the powder is very thick. I suggest adding cinnamon or nutmeg or both. And so much ice.

I went to the gym did a 30 min core class and 20 minutes on the cycle. I was really hungry so I left after that. sorry my repeated gym check in make you feel lazy


Dinner was 8 pieces of asparagus coated with a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 pinch of sea salt and I added chili powder and red pepper from the “guilt free seasoning list”. Sliced almonds were served over it, I believe a 1/2 tablespoon? I did not savor dinner as I intended. I ate them in a record  time.  The vanilla fresh shake was much better blended with ice and cinnamon, so I semi- enjoyed that.

I woke up  this morning and felt good! Not starving but not grossly full like I had felt for the days leading up to this refresh. I had spent Friday- Sunday eating a mixture of Mexican food and pizza. So, living in heaven, essentially.

Now I am in hell. Well, hell may be strong. Like I said, I do feel good. But at what cost? IKC’s frozen chicken patty looked enticing to me, no one should ever be envious of a chicken patty.

I think if KC was to give an over view of my evening it would prob be more like:

Meg came home from the gym just before 7. She happily greeted the dog before complaining about the lack of food she had consumed. I began preparing my meal of a chicken patty sandwich and a peanut butter sandwich. I commented that her asparagus looked good when she snapped at me  “how the hell was she going to get 1/2 tsp of olive oil to cover 8 pieces of asparagus!” She then when on about “why is guilt free seasoning a thing and that she had never been guilted by a seasoning before and she would not start now”. She prepared her shake which smelled good, I commented on this but immediately regretted it, as she sardonically asked me if I would like to trade my sandwich for her shake. 

Sorry, KC, please still marry me
Sorry, KC, please still marry me

We ate our different dinners together. I suggested she have something else to eat and not to worry about the refresh. She then told me how much money she spent on it and I decided I would support her the next 2 days.

After dinner Meg fell asleep on the couch. It was not even 9 PM, but I had a lot of work to do so this was probably for the best. I helped her into bed as she was confused of the time. I was able to get a lot of work done when Meg was no longer complaining about her caloric intake and her fear of being gassy tomorrow. 



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