Day 4, Was it worth it?

The alarm went off at 5 AM and I sprung out of bed as if it was Christmas morning. Today, well today, boys & girls, I could eat!

leslie and ron breakfast

I promptly made a pot of coffee. While that was brewing, I sauteed spinach, tomatoes, red peppers and broccoli in a 1/2 tsp (see, I did learn something from this experience!) for an egg white omelet. The mozzarella cheese I bought a week earlier had spoiled do I was forced to use Velveta’s “cheddar cheese” in my omelet.

I savored every bite of the meal. So much so, that I was running late for work and unable to pack a lunch. Which, obv, translated into me getting a salad from Chipoltle for lunch. I skipped cheese, sour cream and rice ( #winning), but, obv added guac, which I got for FREE! Maybe the refresh has made me look young and vibrant? Or maybe it was the low cut shirt and the panicked look in my eyes. Hard for anyone to know these things.

guac meme

Was the refresh worth it? Hmmm….

KC would say “hell to the naw” .


- KC
– KC

Now that it is over, I am glad I did it. My pants are fitting much better. I lost 3 lbs in 3 days, which I have never done, not even on atkins or a juice fast. I feel pretty good today though I am going to skip the gym because my energy level is still low.

However, it was not easy for me. I am glad I had the support of a fitness challenge group during it. Though at times when the other girl who was also doing the refresh was posting how easy it was I wanted to ring her skinny, little neck…

Would I do it again? Probably not. Maybe right before the wedding to see if KC really will love me in sickness and health.. but at this point I am worried whatever I eat will reverse the effects of the last 3 days of hell. I wish I was looking forward to a glass of wine but I am not. Instead I am trying to figure out a good at home workout to burn a few calories so I can eat a complex carbohydrate for din din.


So the choice is yours. There are def a lot of pros ( pants fit better, i lost Lbs, I was able to workout while doing the refresh, the AM shakes are delish, you can eat solid food, my skin looks clear, I ate a wide variety of fruit and veggies, i drank loads of water.) But there are some pretty heavy cons (I was unbelievably cranky by the end of the day, caffeine withdrawal headaches, so tired, not great workouts, KC almost left me, results are most likely short lived once your reg. diet resumes…)

Are you going to try?!?


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