Day 3 Refresh Recap

I awoke hungry, tired, confused and mostly angry.

hell hath

The morning shake is the best part of my day, and I gulped it down as I did my patented strength training routine at the gym. I took LONG breaks between sets. Like read a whole buzzfeed article long. My crowning moment was when I was feverishly drinking my smoothie and split it on my shoulder. My eyes made eye contact with the woman who was working out across from me. Briefly, I broke eye contact to lick what I estimated to be 3 calories worth of chocolate-vegan-shakeology mixed with 12 frozen strawberries and water, off my sweaty gross shoulder. That’s how hungry I was feeling.  I made eye contact with the woman again, just to confirm that she had seen me in all my glory. The look of horror on her face confirmed it.

My day was BUSY. Meeting after meeting after meeting. I managed to swallow the last of the fiber sweep “drink” before I went off to volunteer at Girls On The Run.

I returned just in time to quickly change before my last 2 back to back meetings of the day. It was at this time, when my stomach was noisily eating itself, I realized I had never had my lunch shake, 1/2 of an apple or 2 celery sticks with almond butter. I had a hard time concentrating after this realization and made an excuse to excuse myself and promptly returned with water, apple and celery. I skipped the shake and almond butter as I did not want to explain the refresh to the board.

missed lunch

I arrived home, famished, beyond irritable and exhausted. I made a shake first while i prepared my veggie stir-fry. All whilst complaining to KC. Poor, poor, KC. He really didn’t sign up for this. I complained about work, how tired I was, how little weight I lost, how much I weighed… I really covered the spectrum. KC suggested I have a glass of wine since I had missed my lunch shake and a snack. I debated it… Who would know? KC wouldn’t tell. Calorically that would be acceptable… But, I didn’t give in. I ate my meal, drank my shake and went to bed early.


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