Day 2 Refresh Recap

I awoke feeling confident! I had a leisurely morning since I was feeling sore from my ab class. Arrived to work with my shakeology in hand ready to conquer the day.

because i am happy

Still really, really do not care for the fiber drink. It is terrible. I put less water than suggested in this one, if I am being honest. I shook it up in my  blender bottle, chugged it like it was a Bud Light and I was a college freshman, and chased with a glass of water (like I was a college freshman).

bud light

The blender bottle was key and made both day time drinks a lot more manageable. I saved my celery snack for my staff meeting so when I arrived home I would be able to walk the dog before cooking dinner.

drink dinner

Dinner was delish! The spinach salad was huge and surprisingly filling. The good part of this refresh was me eating foods I typically would not. I don’t care for tomatoes but I needed them for this meal so I ate them. I am sure they prob have some cancer preventing ingredient and now I will live forever.

KC was working late, so I had no one to complain to. So I did some yoga, stretching and abs before going to bed.


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