Daily Goals

fo realz
fo realz

I have journals from when I was 12 listing daily goals. Goals like:

“Don’t eat lunch” “Don’t have dessert” “Don’t eat french fries with burger”

Do you see a trend there? They are all food centered, and they are all encouraging deprivation of some sort. Instead of “Skip fries and add a side salad”, it was just focused on the withholding. The ,what-not-to-have. This negative pattern of thinking is the root of my eating issues. I have this knack for always depriving myself followed up by crazy binging. Viscous, viscous cycle.

Lent aside, recently, my goals have been focused not on deprivation but challenging myself.  Goals like:

“Eat breakfast everyday” “Lift weights 3 times per week” “Drink 5 water bottles”

amirite, ladies?!?
amirite, ladies?!?

Each day in my head I set a goal or a challenge, something tangible, something I can achieve.

Today my goal was to run 3 miles and run each mile faster than the previous mile. I selected this goal after getting really frustrated with multiple runs recently. My most recent runs have looked something like; 1st mile isthe fastest, the middle miles the slowest and the last mile slower than my first  but quicker than the middle miles- ya follow that?

6:30AM, I set out for a run. I started too quick and had to tell myself to slow down or the next two miles would be miserable. If I did not have a 11 hour day of work ahead of me, maybe I would have been up for that challenge, but since that was not the case, I slowed it down. I finished the first mile at 9.45, which was exactly on target for my goal. I aimed to do the next mile in 9.30, but managed to do it 9.21. This intimidated me because the plan for my last mile had been 9.15,  so this was a small margin to trim off. I kicked it up a bit, and was more than pleased to have completed my last mile in 8.48. The total time was 27.58 averaging about 9.19/ mile.

ron burgandy yoggingI cooled down with a “jog” with Sadie. Jogging with Sadie is as frustrating as trying to find a backless bra for my cup size. She will plant her feet in the ground  unexpectedly, she will speed up when she gets spooked by a plastic bag caught in a tree, she will lunge towards other dogs, she will stop to smell and eat random things… It always seems like a good idea, but usually ends up with me carrying/ dragging her home.

I ended my work out with an ab routine and Very Berry Protein shake. My plan is to stretch later since I ran out of time- slight pun there.

Do you set daily goals? Do you reward yourself?


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