Cold days and Colder nights

As I drove to work this morning, it had really warmed up from when I was walking the dog.

neg 3 degrees
It says -3, if you can see past the dust …

Dafuq?! How am I supposed to even get out from under the covers let alone get in a workout when it is so cold that Sadie wont even walk outside.

warm bed

2014 Meg would make excuses and be all like “Yeah! It’s too cold! Work from home whilst drinking baileys and coffee all day and stay warm!” I love 2014 Meg, that girl def knows how to have a good time, but was not the most healthy girl on the block.

Or, let's just combine the two? No?
Or, let’s just combine the two? No?

Rather than using this polar vortex as an excuse to be lazy, I am using it as a motivation to workout. I am much warmer doing PiYo than I am sitting on the couch with a glass of wine. I mean, not that I don’t love to be snuggled up with Sadie, a blanket and a tall glass of Pinot Noir…

sadie the dog meme

So, I do understand not running outside on days like this. Or even getting to the gym. But try and at home workout! There are so many options! I love PiYo (obv!) but there are free options too:

Free PiYo upper body that someone bootlegged (don’t bootleg things)

Yoga with Adrienne 

Pilates with Kristin McGee


100 calorieburn
Do this throughout your day! Before shower, after breakfast, after lunch, before dinner and before bed! Extra 500 calories per day will add up!

30 day LBD challenge ab squat challenge

How are you keeping warm??


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