Bad Run, Good Weekend

I was pumped to get in a long run. I woke up at 6AM on Saturday, I was so excited (and maybe because Sadie woke me up). The sun was shining, I had an updated playlist, vitamin water, and a great running outfit. I was sore from my strength training workout the day before, but besides that I was pumped.

Too early for a weekend...
Too early for a weekend…

I turned off the live coaching on my app to assist me in not running too fast and getting tired. I had not run more than 6 miles since April as I have been too focused on running under 10 min splits. I started off strong, feeling pretty good. Mile 3 was tough. Mile 4 was done before I realized it and then mile 5 was hell on earth. I of course chose a hilly route because I am masochistic and dumb. Mile 5 started with quite the hill. I prob would have walked up it, if it had not been for this elderly couple that was resting at the top after walking. They applauded me on my athleticism and I breathlessly made a joke about it being “a bit steep”.

i work out because hunger gamesRunning down was glorious as I chugged my vitamin water. It was already 83 degrees. My water was pretty much gone. And the next hill was here… I kept chugging along. My knee was hurting. My water was empty. I had goosebumps all over my body. And I felt queasy.

The second I got the notification I completed 6 miles, I called KC and had him pick me up on the side of the road. I just couldn’t finish. I needed water- was definitely dehydrated. My knee was throbbing. My hamstring muscles were sore. I felt terrible.

I spent the next hour stretching and icing. It was glorious. I appreciate stretching so much more after a terrible run.

The rest of ┬ámy weekend was amazing! Saturday day was spent at the beach with KC playing in the waves and laying out. Saturday night was a nice dinner out. Sunday was spent at my friend’s lake house day drinking and floating in the water.

Usually if I have a bad run I let it ruin my day. I harp on it and get angry with myself. I actively had to change what I was thinking about to not let it ruin my day. Instead of “I didn’t finish my run, I didn’t run 8 miles” I focused on “I ran 6 miles. I burned 700 calories. I ran up some challenging hills.”


Challenging yourself is important, pushing yourself is important to be able to truly challenge yourself. I probably could have finished the 8 mile run. I would have been dehydrated. The time would have been terrible. I would have not have gone to the beach in order to recover.

Slowly, this gray area is making more sense to me. A short run is better than no run. An at home strength training session is better than no workout. Eating salad for lunch and chimichengas for dinner is better than eating pizza for lunch and chimis for dinner.


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