5 Days of Clean Eating

I spent my weekend drinking mimosas, red wine and eating anything that involved cheese. That’s normal right?

30 rock cheese fries

When my friend, Danielle Prestejohn, invited me to help her coach a 5 day clean eating group,  I decided I really should. Not onlyto assist others but for my own well being. I am pretty sure the arteries leading to my heart are like “Thanks, Danielle, Meg TRULY needed this.”

I will miss red wine after work :(
I will miss red wine after work 🙁

Today is the first day and I am very ill prepared. I was away all weekend with KC’s family eating toasted raviolis and pizza so I had 0 time to do any meal prep.

So today has been interesting as far as my meal choices!

Breakfast: Egg white omelet with broccoli and onions

Snack 1: Clementine

Lunch: Veggie Stir Fry: Broccoli, onion and snap peas

Snack 2: Clementine

Dinner: Egg white omelet with broccoli and onions

Snack 3: Shakeology or tea

I wish I had better prepared for the day as I am feeling a bit protein deprived, which should not be the case! But the lack or prep and edible food in my house presented my ability to follow the plan. Tomorrow should be better!

Are you a clean eater? What are your fave go to meals?


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