10 K Victory!

I completed my first race of the season weeks and weeks ago. Unfortunately, my day job has been wicked hectic so I am late at sharing my recap with you.  But here it goes!

I chose a 10K, because I am slightly masochistic… Or maybe it is because I ran in this race last year when it was a 5 miler and really like the cause.  I had hoped to complete the 6.4 miles in 64 minutes. This seemed reasonable as most of my runs have been about 10 min mile pace. The night prior to my run I attended one of my best friend’s birthday parties. I had debated not going since I have a hard time controlling myself around tacos and margaritas but I decided that at the ripe old age of 27 I should be able to practice some self control.ermagherd tacos

I was very proud of myself for only consuming 3 tacos and 2 glasses of wine. Quite the accomplishment! I was in bed by midnight and asleep before 1 AM. I was less than impressed when Sadie demanded to be fed at 6AM but I was able to go back to sleep for 2 hours since the race had a start time of 11AM.

I got up, prepared my smoothie and iced coffee while  I watched Good Morning America. I had my running clothes and supplies laid out so I could just grab them and get ready. I slowly put my outfit together. I panicked briefly when I could not find my arm band for my iphone/music/mapmyrun and immediately blamed KC for moving it. Turns out the sleeve of his jacket had eaten it, but I was able to get it.


B-Fast of champions... and caffeine addicts
B-Fast of champions… and caffeine addicts
RunnahGirl to the rescue!
RunnahGirl to the rescue!

The race course was different than last year which I find enjoyable. I love new running routes. I like to not know what to anticipate ahead (like a huge ass hill).  The weather was raw but it had stopped raining so that was a win for me.

I managed to finish the race in 59:48.8 which breaks down to be 9.38/ mile! I was beyond stoked as I was sure it was going to take me 64-65 minutes.  I realize that is only a difference of 5 minutes but that is huuuuuuuge for me!

I celebrated by day drinking and eating copious amounts of food. I also watched more “Entourage” and “My 600lb Life”than any human should… The day ended by me heading to my friend, Lauren’s house for more wine and hot tub.

MMM beer at 11AM. Totally acceptable esp after a run!
MMM beer at 11AM. Totally acceptable esp after a run!

The feeling I get after finishing a race is different than a regular run. I am not sure if it is because of the cause or being a part of something bigger or that people are cheering for me … but it is a great feeling. Totally worth the registration fee!

Looking forward to my 2014 race season!


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    1. Yes! I am playing catch up! This one was not coffee, it was kale, pineapple, mango and banana. I like that combo before running. I do enjoy a coffee one on non running days though!

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