Hi there, how are ya? My name is Meg, I am in my early 30’s and currently reside in a small town in New Hampshire. I am originally from Massachusetts and despite moving across the border I have not quite dropped my Mass accent.
I am a runnah, a lovah (of all things cheesy) and an eatah.

I am lucky to have…

The cutest dog in the world! Her name is Sadie. She is a pit bull who thinks she is a lap dog and she is the only being in the world who understands my love for food.(She hates running, go figure)

Awwww! Sadie!
Awwww! Sadie!

The most supportive husband in the world! (Also, not into running but will humor me with a 5k here and there.)

KC's first (and almost last) 5K
KC’s first (and almost last) 5K

My best running friend:

My inspiration and partner in eating!

Wicked ridiculous friends, all women who act like 15 year old boys.

Oh sweatpants guy....
Oh sweatpants guy….

A not so traditional Irish Catholic family. Well kind of not so traditional- my dad does go to church, religiously( get it?!) and my mom does sing in the choir there. But they also have more gay friends than I do. Then there is my brother the Comedian/ Sales Consultant…

Whatta good lookin group! (Sorry, Ma!)
Whatta good lookin group! (Sorry, Ma!)

My life revolves around food, running, working, Sadie, food, KC (prob should have been listed before the dog… my B, he can walk himself, though I do need to feed him…) coffee, working out, friends, food, and family and of course food.

people-dont-care-about-your-dietI read many blogs devoted to running and eating. I truly enjoy them and have learned a lot.  A common theme I notice is the writers will say they love food then go on to tell me how delicious their chia seeds muffins are. Honey, you ain’t fooling anyone. This is not to say I do not eat chia seeds (they frequently make it into my smoothies) but I eat like a teenage football player real human. I eat crazy amounts of Mexican food, a shameful amount of sugar free whipped cream and peanut m&ms and drink too much red wine.

In order to compensate for the crazy amount of food I eat, I run. I run what some would consider a lot and others may not be impressed by. I have completed 1 marathon, 5 half marathons, 8 10ks and I honestly am not sure how many 5ks. I have been running since High School which was now 10 years ago since I graduated… Ugh.

I hope to improve my running times.)race dayI hope to gain upper body strength and keep up with the elderly women in my Body Pump class. I hope to continue to grow more comfortable with my body type (I frequently get asked if I am preggers due to the fact that I carry weight in my midsection and have thinner limbs.) And now, I am knocked up and I am trying to figure out how to balance working out, hanger, mood swings and body aches.

This site documents my love/hate relationship with running, working out and food. It also takes a look at the relationships in my life. The hope is to entertain, share running triumphs and woes and maybe help someone who is looking for some beginner’s running advice with a side of sass.

Thanks for reading!